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This project documents, through photography, Christian Holy Week and Easter around the world. Each year, I travel to a different country and do my best to capture definitive imagery. So far I've passed Holy Week in Guatemala, the Philippines, Spain, Haiti, Italy, Greece, Ethiopia, Colombia, Armenia, Israel, Russia, India, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia, Easter Island (Chile), Lebanon, Brazil, Senegal, Mongolia, and Mexico. The first year, in 2003, I innocently photographed Good Friday processions here in New York not knowing it might be my life's work.

chinese american new years

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Edward Cheng is a native New Yorker, a freelance computer programmer, and a seasoned globetrotting backpacker. Through photography, he works on long term projects documenting Christian Holy Weeks and Easters around the world, Dia de los Muertos in Mexico, Chinese-American experience, and Eldridge Street in the Lower Manhattan of New York City. Cheng is a teaching assistant and a permanent fixture at the International Center of Photography; he regularly assists for darkroom masters Steve Anchell, Brian Young, and Chuck Kelton. He drinks mezcal neat.


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